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Call Me Ahab has always been in the business of telling creative, personal and engaging stories that move people and make them move. We use modern film making, photography, animation, and design to distill our clients core messaging and package it in a way that touches the hearts and minds of their audiences.

We Tell Stories That Move People.

Pickleball Channel

In cooperation with Hyland's we created, from scratch, a media outlet dedicated to the sport of pickleball. Instead of just producing standard pharmaceutical commercials, we built content for the pickleball community that they wanted to watch. From the wildly popular Pickleball 411, giving players tips and tricks from the best in the sport, to live streaming pro matches in coordination with CBS Sports Network.

The Pickleball Channel grew organically and quickly. We like to say it became the ESPN of pickleball. This channel gave Hyland's earned credit with the players and fans of the sport, cementing the brand with pickleball.

Check out the Pickleball Channel YouTube page to get a feel for what is going on.




bright hope


Video Production

We have been using video production to tell the stories of everyone from CEOs to refugees. We believe everyone has a story to tell and we have become experts at listening to our clients, streamlining their messaging, and creating tools for them to change the world.

Brand Building

Your brand is more than just a logo and a name. It is what people think about you when they see your logo, when they hear your name. Having captivating and creative storytellers on your side makes sure people understand the heart of your organization.

We at Call Me Ahab have helped clients build brands from the ground up and refresh established one.

Animated Explainer

We have created animations that you have seen in major motion pictures, award winning documentaries, and in your local Walmart. Animation allows us to introduce ideas and minds that sometimes filmmaking alone can't achieve.


Having a library of beautiful and bespoke photography for your originations to use is invaluable. Having the right photo for the right moment brings an authenticity to your storytelling that stock photography can't do.

Content Marketing

We have created long lasting, award winning, (and most importantly) audience engaging content that people actually want to watch. By showing interest and expertise in what our audience cares about, we have established our clients brands has honest and real.

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